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  DVD     Description  

    DVD tutorial with different techniques

  Christmas Kit 1     Description  

    Christmas Kit includes n.30 red strasses, 1 meter of rgandie and lycopodium.
It is suitable for all kind of Christmas decoration

  Kit firs     Description  

    The wrapping contains: 2 firs mm 60-2 firs mm 45 - 2 firs mm 35.
To combine to the small house to create mini landscapes.

  Iron thread brown     Description  

    Iron thread brown 50 grams to realize the drum of the mini trees.
With a one kit of thread they realize him around 30 / 35 drum of trees of around 2,5 / 3 cm.of height.


  Grass,leafs and flowers fiber     Description  

    2 varieties of grass from 2,5 mms and from 5 mms.
4 varieties of leafs.
4 varieties of colors for flowers.

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