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  water opaque paint Ml 250     Description  

    It's a transparent water based paint, no colour or smell. It gives an opaque velvet appearance to the surfaces.

  Water based white primer Ml 250     Description  

    White water based paint with no smell. it''s ideal for all the smooth surfaces like glass, plastic and metal. Strong covering properties and very easy to pass sand paper on it.

  Shiny paint (flatting) Ml 250     Description  

    It's a shiny paint for final touching. mixing it with the arabic gum by Decomania you can obtain a perfect cracked effect surface.

  Gum arabic Ml 250     Description  

    It allows you to obtain a perfect cracked effect.

  liquid bitumen Ml 75     Description  

    It increases the cracks effect of the "craquele" without getting them too dark.

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